Most frequent questions and answers

The Biodesign Innovation course begins on October with the beginning of the Academic year at The Technion

Program alumni pursue a wide variety of careers that include launching health technology start-ups, driving innovation inside major health and\or technology companies and teaching innovation inside universities.

We encourage everyone who is interested in the program to apply. We are interested in applicants from diverse backgrounds, including engineering, science, computer science, product design, business, medicine, social welfare and health science. Advanced degrees are preferred. Many candidates also have relevant work experience in the health technology industry or in related research positions. We are looking for individuals with strong leadership, problem solving, creativity, teamwork and communication skills, who aspire to become leaders in health technology innovation.

We accept applications from any individuals who have demonstrated exceptional creativity and/or innovation in their professional or academic careers. These candidates will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

The goal of the program is for you to learn the Stanford Biodesign Innovation process from A to Z. Accordingly, we ask that you work on needs and technologies that you and your team identify and invent together as part of the Biodesign process, and not ideas you arrive with.

No, You can rate 4 need areas out of 8, and we will do our best to meet your choice. We believe that by working on an area outside your specific field of expertise, you are more likely to question existing paradigms and recognize interesting opportunities. To jump-start the process, you will begin your training with several weeks of clinical immersion in the chosen subspecialty to observe first-hand how care is delivered in that space.

Once selected, participants will be assigned to teams by the program directors. Their goal will be to ensure each team comprises a strong mix of medical, engineering, and business acumen, as well as an effective mix of perspectives, personalities, and other aspects of diversity. Team assignments will be announced during the first weeks of the program.

Although some participants do start companies out of the course, this is just one of many different health technology career paths that our trainees take. Other alternatives include catalyzing innovation inside major health and\or technology corporations, teaching and/or leading translational research projects for world-class universities, driving innovation initiatives within academic or private medical centers, or becoming specialists in design, investing, or other aspects of the health technology innovation ecosystem.

Yes. Non-students are also encouraged to apply and benefit from the program.

 Currently, we have a collaboration with The Technion and Haifa University – If you are a student from any other institution, you are welcome to contact us and we will check if we can establish a collaboration.

You are required to commit to taking both semesters of the program and attending all the program meetings and sessions. This will demand about 20 weekly hours on your part, attending sessions and workshops and doing work at home.

Enrolment in Biodesign Israel is by application only. Final applicants will be invited to participate in an interview (online or in person).
Your application must include the following information:
• Basic background and your education, work and/or research experience.
• Why you are interested in medical technology innovation (in 250 words or less).
• Your bio, which will be distributed to students and class mentors if you are accepted (150 words or less).

Biodesign Israel is not an accelerator for start-up teams and preformed ideas. We are an educational program, which fosters healthcare innovation leaders. The projects developed during the program may, however, turn out to be a terrific launch-pad for new med tech start-ups.

We do not enrol preformed teams. Teams will be formed by the program management based on background profiles and observations made by the educator team.

You will earn a certificate stating that you have completed the course and the qualifications you have achieved from Biodesign Israel and The Technion Continuing studies division. As a Biodesign alumni you will be listed in our webpage with alumni’s we proudly present as the most valuable output of the Biodesign Israel training.