The Future of Bioconvergence- Design

Where Biology Meets Technology:
Israel’s Next Growth Engine

Bioconvergence represents the cutting-edge intersection of biology and technology, where the realms of science and innovation collaborate and converge to shape a transformative future. These technologies include for example, miniaturization of electronic components combined with tissues and engineered “living” materials, smart biosensors, communications, and 3D printing of tissues.

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Why Bioconvergence in Israel?

At Biodesign Israel, we recognize that Bioconvergence is poised to become Israel’s next economic growth engine, ushering in a transformative revolution at the intersection of biology and technology. The Israel Innovation Authority shares this vision, acknowledging Bioconvergence with their recent grants, as a strategic field that will drive economic growth, foster innovation, and propel Israel to the forefront of the global healthtech industry. 

This evolution encompasses a dynamic ecosystem, integrating academic excellence, innovative industry players, knowledge-rich mature companies, foreign biopharma giants, manufacturing capabilities, and clinical trials conducted within Israel’s borders. 

Biodesign: The Implementation Solution

Bridging the Gap

The Role of Biodesign Israel: Bridging the Gap 

Imagine a world where innovation knows no boundaries, where multidisciplinary collaboration and innovation fuels remarkable advances across various sectors and industries. This revolutionary concept harnesses the power of engineered biological systems to create innovative solutions that transcend traditional boundaries. 

In this exciting landscape, Biodesign Israel stands as the vital link, fostering collaboration between diverse minds, industries, and technologies. Our multidisciplinary approach builds bridges based on a common language, where the “need” takes center stage

Building the Engine: 
This promising engine is built upon three critical pillars:
1) Human Capital: The foundation begins with education and talent development, spanning academia, industry, and even military programs.
2) Infrastructure: State-of-the-art innovation centers, hubs, labs, and facilities form the vital infrastructure.
3) Projects: Methodologies and the renowned Biodesign process are the engines that power transformative projects.

Bioconvergence-Design Explained

Bioconvergence-design embraces the notion that a “need” is the driving force in multidisciplinary innovation. It serves as a bridge, uniting various disciplines and experts under a common banner. Bioconvergence design has a three-fold mission: 

1) Education: Nurturing multidisciplinary human capital into talents, offering mentorship, and cultivating the innovators of tomorrow. 

2) Methodologies: Shifting the focus from solution-driven to needs-driven innovation. 

3) Common Language: Creating a unified language for researchers, technologists, biologists, clinicians, and more. 

Seizing the Timely Opportunity 

As Bioconvergence gains momentum worldwide, it presents a timely opportunity for Israel to lead the charge. Our perspective revolves around Bioconvergence design – an approach that leverages a common language and a needs-driven process to fuel innovation. 

Our Team

At the heart of this journey lies our dedicated Bioconvergence-Design Team. Comprising experts from various fields, they are committed to advancing this transformative approach and building a bridge to a future where innovation knows no boundaries.

ד''ר מילנה פיטשני s - Milena Pitashny

Dr. Milena Pitashny

Bioconvergence Design Leader

Milena, our Bio-Convergence Design Leader, heads the Clinical and Research Microbiome Center at Rambam’s Research Division. As a physician specializing in Clinical Microbiology, with postdoctoral training in Immunology and Therapeutic Microbiology, she brings a wealth of knowledge. Milena teaches Virology and Bacteriology at the Rappaport School of Medicine, Technion, Israel, and has also established the Clinical and Research Microbiome Center at Rambam, Haifa. Her primary research focus is shifting dysbiotic microbiomes to a healthy state to enhance disease processes and overall health. With extensive collaborations and industry connections in the microbiome field, Milena leads and supervises our bioconvergence-design projects, ensuring their successful journey.

Case-studies Projects

These case studies serve as a testament, seamlessly linking the realms of biology and technology, and effectively demonstrating the practical application of the bioconvergence-design premise.

Selouca - early screening lung cancer with biomarkers

Denthru - drug delivery to target cells, trying to reduce the high risk for dental implant failure.

Personalized perimenopause detection

Integrating technology and biology to precisely deliver nighttime insulin for individuals with Type 1 diabetes facing hypoglycemia.