Class 2020-2021

Dormeo- Nocturnal hypoglycemia – Type 1 diabetic patients are suffering from event of low glucose levels during the night. They need to wake up and eat some sugar in a constant worry.

Metabolight- fetal monitoring during labor has high false positive which leads to
unnecessary caesarian sections. There is a need for more specific technology.

trAse- Lately, new procedures treating Aortic stenosis were introduced however the follow up and the recognition of the time point when the situation is sever enough and needs referral to treatment is lacking.

4Vision- diagnosis of glaucoma using intraocular pressure is not sensitive enough and is diagnosed too late when damage to eye sight started to occur. The is a need for more sensitive tool for diagnosis.

Breasy- Monitoring asthma in children age 0-4 is parents responsibility with no objective tools in their hands.

Liftyou go- fall prevention using active training for balance needs augmentation

PrediMed- trying to screen children undergoing MRI scans in order to avoid unnecessary anesthesia.

Denthru- trying to reduce the high risk for dental implants failure.