Class 2021-2022

Flow Guard- Improving CPAP compliance

Obstructive Sleep Apnea is a chronic disease affecting ~30 million Americans. The disease causes the patient’s upper airway to repeatedly collapse during sleep which leads to numerous cessations of breathing in a night. Untreated OSA leads to increased risk for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular morbidity, as well as motor vehicle accidents. The main treatment today is using Continues Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) during sleep. The problem with CPAP is that around 60% of patients are non-compliant, attributed to issues regarding the face mask. We have developed an intraoral solution – the FlowGuard. This personally customized appliance anchors to the teeth without the need for straps and it introduces the positive pressure directly inside the mouth. FlowGuard provides a comfortable and friendly way to use the best treatment for OSA.

Silko- Early detection of joint replacement infection

The increased prevalence of primary total knee arthroplasty (TKA) has increased the number of revision TKA surgeries due to post-operative joint infection, putting a larger health and financial burden on patients, payers, and providers.
Early detection of infection will allow for more conservative treatment and improved outcomes while also lowering costs. We propose a way to diagnose early prosthetic joint infection in primary osteoarthritis patients who underwent TKA in order to decrease the number of revision surgeries. A transplanted sensor will test the adjacent prosthetic environment and wirelessly transmit the data to an external phone app. The data will be uploaded to the cloud and analyzed by an AI-based model for various indications. The app will notify the patient of infection suspicion and present the caregiver with the patient’s rehabilitation status.

HOOP- pre-menopausal personalized care

Perimenopause refers to the time during which the women’s body undergoes a natural transition to menopause, marking the end of the reproductive years. The menopause transition could start as early as 35, and could potentially last up to 10 years! Most women suffer from at least 1 of 34 of menopausal symptoms and usually are misdiagnosed. HOOP’s vision is to close the cycle of care for these perimenopause women by identifying perimenopause accurately as early as possible and guide them to find the best treatments with their physicians. Our solution includes an OBGYN software (EMR integration) with a women input interface, together with a home diagnostic kit for continuous and simultaneous test for Sex hormones (E2,P4,FSH). We are going to save the providers time & workload, help women get their life back, and help the payers reduce the cost of misdiagnosis.

Calculyx – Urology intraoperative navigation system

Calculyx mission is to help patients undergoing invasive kidney procedures avoid complications by giving surgeons tools to accomplish the procedure safely, comfortably, and easily.
Calculyx is a platform that allows urologists and radiologists to plan and execute the procedure using an intra-operative navigation system, allowing updated and real-time data and image processing during the surgery. In addition, by focusing on the surgeon’s user experience, the system will give real-time recommendations based on patient physiology, stone profiling, patient position, and more…
As a primary go to market strategy, Calculyx focuses on the PCNL procedure (Percutaneous Nephrolithonomy) – a conventional way to treat large (> 2cm) kidney stones.

BeMind- Delirium alert and intervention

Delirium is an acute clinical state, defined as a disturbance in baseline cognition that may result in prolonged hospitalization and rehabilitation, cognitive impairment, and even death. Delirium is highly prevalent among the elderly and especially in the intensive care units, affecting tens of millions worldwide. The total cost of Delirium in the USA alone reaches more than 20 billion USD annually. Delirium is preventable. BeMind solution using AI autonomous capabilities in real-time monitors the patients’ level of movements that are correlated with their cognitive & motor states and accordantly adjusts interventions, an environmental-based Delirium preventive treatment using a proven nonpharmacological clinical protocol. hospitals will be able to help the ICU medical team in providing better ongoing treatment, reducing hospitalization days in the short term and in the long term, reducing rehospitalization occurrence.

SeLUCA- Lung cancer screening at home

Lung cancer is one of the most prevalent and the deadliest type of cancer. Early diagnosis can save lives, but unfortunately, today the, compliance with CAT scans is very. Our team is focused on the early screening of lung cancer. SeLUCA will save lives by developing a simple and cost-effective screening solution and bringing it to the home environment. This paradigm shift is expected to significantly improve screening compliance and early-stage lung cancer detection.

SiCole- Non-Invasive hemodynamic patient monitoring

Fluid balance monitoring is essential for chronic and acute patients’ monitoring, from cardiac and lung insufficiency to trauma, thus saving lives. As of today, hospitalized patients are being monitored by using a catheter or in the community setting by bottle-feeding or weighting. This current solution has many complications including infections, we aim to disrupt this 270 years old practice. Our solution is a mobile, non-invasive, accurate, wearable device that will enable remote continuous monitoring of the fluid balance status. The device will be adapted by hospitals for inpatients care and by providers that are responsible for outpatient monitoring.

Menervi – Non-Invasive Spinal Cord Stimulator

Chronic lower back pain is common and a major global health burden, affecting almost 600 million people worldwide. Conventional external therapies and treatments remain mostly ineffective, and while invasive treatments are more effective, they come with great risk and remain inaccessible to the majority of patients. Our solution is a Wearable Non-Invasive Spinal Cord Stimulator that simulates nerves in the spinal cord, interrupts pain signals and prevents them from reaching the brain.
Using our device people suffering from chronic low pain can have an immediate and safe first treatment to reduce their pain and prevent decrease in quality of life.