Biodesign Israel
Innovation Program

4th Cohort to aspiring HealthTech leaders
From a Need to Impactful Innovation

Take your career to the next level and enroll now in the prestigious
4th cohort of the Biodesign Israel Innovation Program at Rambam
Hospital, Haifa, founded by Stanford California, in collaboration
with the Technion, and the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering.
Join us to be part of the next generation of Israel’s Healthtech
leaders, fueling innovation at the forefront.

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What is
Biodesign Israel?

Biodesign Israel is a national Healthtech Innovation Center that ignites and empowers the next generation of HealthTech innovation leaders. We are dedicated to fostering Israel as a HealthTech nation through exceptional world-class education, collaboration, and transformative experiences. Our curriculum is taught through hands-on, project-based activities with a focus on need-driven innovation and multi-disciplinary teams.

The program is based on the prestigious methodology of Stanford Biodesign to raise a generation of Healthtech entrepreneurship leaders. In addition, the training program collaborates with the various faculties of Technion and, above all, The Faculty of Biomedical Engineering and the Faculty of Medicine. The center was established at Rambam medical center, Haifa as part of a strategic collaboration between medical institutions, the Academy (Technion, University of Haifa), and industry with the support of The HealthHub – Innovation Center, Ministry of Health.

What is the
Biodesign Israel
Innovation program?

This 360-immersive practical innovation program trains aspiring HealthTech leaders, and equip individuals with the skills, mindset, and network necessary to become influential leaders in the field in partnership with the original Stanford-California program! The participants enter the program without an idea or a team, receiving a clinical need area to explore with their multidisciplinary teams.

this program?

​The methodology provides theoretical and practical tools for researching and developing high technology in health. Program participants receive a practical and advanced toolbox, including unprecedented access to different clinical environments, and will be accompanied step by step throughout this academic year by mentors from the medical, technology, and business professions, leading entrepreneurs, and key figures from the Israeli HealthTech industry. The program combines numerous unique benefits of the Israeli innovation ecosystem to provide students with the tools and skills needed to understand the complexities of the field of health today and to establish innovative projects in the field. By enrolling in the program you’ll join an exclusive and high-quality International network of like-minded individuals who establish groundbreaking projects that will shape the future of healthcare. To ensure the success and well-being of our teams, we have attached a psychologist or psychiatrist to each multidisciplinary group. These professionals work closely with the teams, addressing any team dynamics issues, promoting effective communication, and building a healthy and inclusive business environment. This support system helps navigate the challenges that arise from working in diverse teams and fosters an atmosphere of understanding, respect, and collaboration.

should apply?

Creative, motivated candidates with an entrepreneurial spirit and the ability to work as part of a multidisciplinary team. If you are interested in Technology and have a mission to make the world a better place and improve millions of lives around it, apply now!

Business positions

MBA’s, lawyers, economists, marketing or any other business-wise experts (students or from the industry)

Clinican positions

Doctors (Medical students, interns), nurses, and para-medical professionals.

Technological positions

4th year engineering students from the Technion, MA’s and experts from the industry. All fields of engineering are relevant.

Program Details:

​Biodesign Innovation Program – is a one-year period of full immersion into the world of HealthTech based on the renowned methodology of Stanford Byers Center for Biodesign. Stanford-educated instructors, top-of-the-line mentors, and industry and ecosystem leaders will introduce the methodology process and innovation concepts from a need into a successful innovative prototype with a business model.

The program provides a solid foundation for participants to understand the complexities of the HealthTech landscape and ecosystem, setting the stage for their future success by applying the proven Biodesign need-focused methodology. The methodology is divided into three main pillars: Identify, Invent, and Implement. The curriculum includes learning how to establish a winning need statement, how to perform need scoping, how to research and validate and identify unmet medical needs, how to approach regulatory strategy in advance, reimbursement considerations, stakeholder identification, and emerging trends. In addition, participants will gain a further understanding of how to innovate and think about developing solutions and products in HealthTech, considering the 360-full cycle of care and early de-risking factors, and how to prototype and create a solid international business model.

This innovation platform offers tailored mentorship, consulting, and Stanford-based education to initiate and accelerate the successful founding of need-driven healthtech solutions. Healthtech innovation with an end in mind. Throughout the program, there will be tailored hands-on workshop activities on breaking our limiting beliefs and bias, how to cope with uncertainty, and more entrepreneurship crucial know-how, tips, and strategies for handling a successful healthtech venture.

Biodesign Israel by the numbers

Over 130
top-talent graduates
Prototyped Projects
Over 150 unmet needs recorded
Over 80 new career promotions
More than 80 local & International Industry Partners/ mentors/ guest speakers
New Innovation Programs Initiated and led by our alumni (at IAI & Pfizer)

Program Benefits:

After successfully completing the program, graduates will become part of the global Biodesign network, connecting with professionals and innovators from around the world. They will continue to benefit from ongoing learning, professional mentoring, and networking opportunities, ensuring long-term success in the HealthTech ecosystem. They will have continuous access to learning resources, receive guidance from industry experts, and connect with valuable networks, all contributing to their sustained success in the HealthTech ecosystem.

When & Where

The sessions will take place in Haifa
2 weekly sessions – 2 hours each
Monday 17:00-19:00
Thursday 18:00-20:00

* Recognized as an alternative to basic sciences for medical interns
* Academic recognition at The Technion and Haifa University


Program participation fee (for non-students) of 17,300 ILS
* All non-registered Technion participants are required to pay a registration fee of 480 NIS.
* The deadline for applications is 15/07/23
* Please note, admission will be driven in part by group composition considerations.
* The program admission process is competitive and the number of applicants is limited.

Submission deadline: 15 July, 2023