Biodesign Israel
Innovation Course

Biodesign Israel is a new center established at Rambam as part of a strategic collaboration between medical institutions (Rambam Maccabi North, and other hospitals in Israel, Academy (Technion, University of Haifa), and industry with the support of The HealthHub – Innovation Center, Ministry of Health. The program is based on the prestigious methodology of Stanford Biodesign to raise a generation of Healthtech entrepreneurship leaders. In addition, the training program collaborates with the various faculties of Technion and, above all, The Faculty of Biomedical Engineering and the Faculty of Medicine.

Why this program?

Program participants receive a practical and advanced toolbox accompanied, step by step in the process, by mentors from the medical, technology, and business professions, leading entrepreneurs, and key people from the Israeli HealthTech industry.
The program combines all the unique benefits of the Israeli innovation ecosystem to provide students with the tools and skills needed to understand the complexities of the field of health today and to establish innovative projects in the field. Participants enter the program without an idea or a team, receiving a clinical need area that they will explore with the team we will create.